Careers in Heritage Science: opportunities and constraints

NHSF has embarked on research into pathways into postgraduate training and careers in heritage science, with Culture Syndicates CIC. The Careers in Heritage Science project aims to provide insight into why students choose whether or not to pursue post-graduate training and careers in heritage science, and what happens to young researchers following the completion of their studies. We want to understand how heritage science is perceived by training providers, employers and those starting out in their careers.

The project will gather labour market intelligence through surveys and interviews with these three groups. The results will inform NHSF actions and strategies to grow and sustain the heritage science workforce, to meet the future needs of cultural heritage in light of Brexit and major national infrastructure projects.

The project will report in the summer of 2018.

Box image: Maureen Young, HES Conservation Scientist, using an infrared camera on the roof of Bute House. Copyright HES.