Strategic priorities 2021-22

The National Heritage Science Forum (NHSF) brings together the leading organisations that create and use heritage science research. Members work together to build the community of heritage science in the UK and demonstrate its public benefit.

The Forum achieves this by:

  • Sharing knowledge, ideas and innovations amongst its members
  • Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Strengthening the infrastructure to support future research and access to it.

At its March meeting the Board of Trustees agreed the Forum's strategic priorites for the 2021-22 membership year. The priorities build on the work of the previous year and include areas that are led by NHSF's three working groups as well as completion of work to develop a new governance and operational structure.

Priorities for 2021-22:

  • Involve more organisations in the delivery of the Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK and in doing so, raise NHSF's profile, develop its strategic partnerships and grow its membership.
  • Work in partnership with AHRC, (UKRIHS) and IROC to secure investment in UK heritage science infrastructure.
  • Develop a toolkit to support the community in demonstrating the value of heritage science.
  • Articulate the social relevance of heritage science and encourage the heritage science community to show how its research helps to address the issues that matter to people.
  • Establish a framework to support heritage science students and Early Career Researchers with networking and skills development to reduce barriers to a career in heritage science and strengthen the identity of heritage science.
  • Embed the newly created Member Council in the Forum's governance and operational structures so that the Forum continues to serve its members and the heritage science community well and develops as a resilient organisation.

People from NHSF member organisations work together through three working groups to deliver the outcomes of the strategic framework. Our 'research' group is leading on societal relevance, our 'community' group on the framework for emerging professionals, and our 'impact' group on the resource to help demonstrate the value of heritage science.

Find out more about our work here: What we do or read a brief review of the Forum's activities in 2020-21 here (pdf).

Box image credit: NG221 Christ Teacheth Humility (1847) by Robert Scott Lauder. A Conservation Live project underway by Senior Paintings Conservator Lesley Stevenson, Copyright: National Galleries of Scotland.