Heritage Science and the Mendoza Review of Museums in England

The Mendoza Review of museums in England sets out priorities for the sector, looking at the challenges and opportunities presenting themselves for England's national, local and regional museums.

It explores the themes of govenrment support and funding, the increase and diversification of audiences, the role of museums in community-building and placemaking, and in supporting soft power, as well as sector resilience.

The Review aims to present "what individual museums and institutions can do - either by themselves or in partnership with others - to thrive and drive improvement for the sector overall." In this it shares the goals of the National Heritage Science Forum, which promotes collaboration within the field of heritage science to share expertise, promote best practice and tackle issues of common priority.

NHSF has published a briefing note to highlight the opportunities for heritage science in nine priority areas identified by the Review. It is worth noting that while the Review is not explicit about the role of research, it has a clear role to play in achieving the called-for sector improvements.

Read the briefing note: Heritage Science and the Mendoza Review