Member Council

NHSF's Member Council is the primary subcommittee of NHSF and its role is to initiate and direct the Forum's heritage science activities, notably the activities it undertakes to implement the Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK.

The Member Council was established in 2021 as part of a change in NHSF's governance to create a distinction between the Board of Trustees and the body of members who collectively inform the Forum's activities. Each NHSF member organisation nominates a representative to the Member Council. The Member Council has oversight of NHSF's heritage science activities which are delivered through three working groups.

NHSF's three working groups align to the three strands of the Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK. The groups deliver a range of activities, defined by the membership, that will make progress towards the goals of the Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK. Individuals from NHSF's member organisations are encouraged to take part in the working groups that support their interests.


Member Council meeting - 19th April 2023

A presentation was given by Harman Sagger, (Head Economist for Arts, Heritage and Tourism at DCMS) and colleagues at DCMS on 'Economic valuation and cultural values: the role of heritage science' in the context of the Culture and Heritage Capital programme.

Members heard from each other about their institutional priorities for the year ahead, and discussed the Forum's proposed strategic priorities for 2023-24.

Member Council meeting - 16th January 2023

The substantive item for this meeting was discussion about equipping the Member Council with the information and knowledge to prepare for the investment in RICHeS by UKRI, including promotion of RICHeS and reaching out to the IROC network.

Member Council meeting - 26th September 2022

The meeting received an update from AHRC on infrastructure initiatives.

The meeting focussed on finalising the Terms of Reference for the Member Council, including how it should be Chaired.

Member Council meeting - 25th April 2022

The meeting focussed on the up-coming need to develop a successor to the Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK, 2018-2023.

Member Council meeting - 11th October 2021

This meeting received an update from the infrastructure team at AHRC (Arts & Humanities Research Council) including key findings from the research recently undertaken by three Policy & Engagement Fellows into heritage science research infrastructure.

It heard about recent progress from each of the three working groups and the topics each group plans to address in the 2022-23 membership year.

Skilled and diverse heritage science community: working group (pdf)

Excellent research: working group (pdf)

Demonstrable social and economic impact: working group (pdf)