Strategic Framework

A new strategic framework for heritage science in the UK was launched in December 2018.

The Framework focuses on three themes:

  • Excellent research
  • A skilled and diverse heritage science community
  • Demonstrable social and economic impact

Through these three themes the vision 'that the UK's extraordinarily rich and varied tangible and intangible heritage will be enhanced by better use of science and technology for the benefit of society' will be delivered.

The Framework also provides a tool for the heritage science community to work together to:

  • Define research priorities
  • Secure investment
  • Strengthen links across the heritage sector and with other partners
  • Create a supportive policy environment
  • Build the capacity of the sector
  • Articulate the value of heritage science to society and the economy.

Read the Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK, 2018-2023 [PDF]

You can add your knowledge of work that contributes to the delivery of the three themes and their associated goals to their respective padlets:

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Excellent Research 

The UK has an impressive track record of heritage science research. The challenge to be addressed by the new strategic framework is to ensure that, amidst political and policy changes, funding is secured that enables this field of research to continue to deliver excellence that is relevant to the heritage sector's needs.

Find out more about the work of the NHSF research working group here

A skilled and diverse heritage science community 

The interdisciplinary nature of heritage science is both an opportunity and challenge for building a community that can apply science and technology to improve the understanding and engagement with heritage, and its long-term management. The challenge to be addressed by the new strategic framework is to provide a broad range of opportunities to develop the heritage science skills needed for the future: skills which are accessible and attractive to a diverse population, and which will benefit the sector.

Find out more about the work of the NHSF community working group here

Demonstrable Social and Economic Impact 

Heritage science generates social and economic value, for example as evidenced through research that helps us to understand our place in the world, through techniques that preserve heritage assets, or through direct employment. The challenge focused on in the strategic framework is to understand and evidence the contribution that heritage science makes to society and the economy, and demonstrate the opportunities for increasing social and economic impact.

Find out more about the work of the NHSF impact working group here