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We describe heritage science as the application of science and technology to cultural heritage to improve understanding of it, long-term management of it, and engagement with it. It's a broad umbrella term that intersects with many different disciplines such as conservation science, archaeological science, geosecience, engineering, digital humanities and data science to name a few.

This breadth and interdisciplinarity is part of what makes heritage science so exciting - it's also one of the reasons why collaboration is so important.

The National Heritage Science Forum is made up of organisations that are active in the field of heritage science. We bring together heritage organisations, academic institutions and professional bodies. Our members play a critical role in the delivery of the strategic framework for heritage science in the UK.

Membership Benefits

NHSF members work together to address policy issues and increase capacity for heritage science research. They collaborate to make better use of resources and develop better ways to understand, demonstrate and measure the economic and social benefit of our heritage and of heritage science. 

What we do

Benefits of membership include:

  • Influence over NHSF's strategy and programmes
  • High level engagement with the strategic framework for heritage science in the UK
  • Shaping responses to consultations and policy engagement
  • Monthly newsletter including funding calls, jobs, research opportunities and news from across the sector
  • Access as a contributor to the Kit-Catalogue for equipment sharing
  • Networking with leading participants in the field of heritage science
  • Participation in the NHSF Member Council
  • Participation in Member Meetings
  • Voting rights

Membership rates 

We welcome applications from all organisations that want to play a part in shaping the future of heritage science in the UK. We have recently changed our membership structure to reduce the fees for smaller organisations and we are particularly keen to encourage these organisations as well as organisations from industry to join the Forum so that we can maximise the benefits from the exchange of ideas and collaboration that are at the heart of the Forum's work.

Annual membership rates are linked to turnover. 

Turnover of < £1 million: £500 per year 

Turnover of £1-20 Million: £1,000 per year

Turnover of > £20 million: £2,500 per year

The membership year runs 1 May to 30 April and fees are pro-rated for organisations that join part way through a year.

Membership application form

Please complete this application form and send to the email address below: NHSF Membership Application Form (Word document)

People often find it helpful to have a conversation about NHSF's work and how it can support their organisation's heritage science goals. To find out more about NHSF, or for an informal conversation about joining the forum, please contact Caroline Peach by emailing: