The Forum regularly issues policy statements and consultation responses, as a means of affecting change and ensuring the sector speaks up with a coherent voice.

UK Digital Strategy 2017: why it matters

UK Digital Strategy 2017 briefing note

NHSF has summarised the key points of the UK Digital Strategy 2017. It highlights opportunities for enhancing engagement, the use of data and digital technology in heritage research and industry, and the role of heritage organisations in skills development for a digital economy.

Cultural Heritage Parliamentary Questions

Questions to DCMS, June/July 2017

Between the 27 June and 5 July 2017, a number of parliamentary written questions have been asked by Kevin Brennan MP that relate to NHSF's policy goals. The questions, answered by John Glen and Matt Hancock, covered:
Horizon 2020 and the Erasmus Plus Programme
Conservation research funding
Access to specialist materials
Freedom of movement for heritage professionals post-Brexit
These questions follow on from issues discussed at a round table with the Secretary of State in January, for which NHSF provided evidence on the funding implications and expected impact of Brexit.

General Election Manifestos

General Election Manifestos

NHSF has summarised the key points that have a bearing on heritage science from the manifestos of the four main UK parties.

Why heritage science is important, 26 April 2017

Why heritage science is important - key facts

Following confirmation that a General Election will be held on 8 June, NHSF has published key facts about heritage science and why it is important to the UK. NHSF calls for strong support from all parties for heritage science and its contribution to tourism, education and industry.

Industrial Strategy Green Paper: 'Building our Industrial Strategy' - Response, 17 April 2017

Response to the 2017 Green Paper consultation

NHSF has issued a detailed response to the Government’s industrial strategy Green Paper, ‘Building our Industrial Strategy’.

Heritage Lottery Fund tailored review, 7 April 2017

Summary of evidence submitted for the HLF tailored review

NHSF has submitted a response to the DCMS's tailored review of the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) and the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

2016 Autumn Statement

Comment in advance of 2016 Autumn statement

NHSF has issued a statement in advance of the 2016 Autumn statement summarising the issues that it would like to see addressed. It calls on the Chancellor to renew his commitment to underwriting the payment of Horizon 2020 awards, give an indication of the government's medium-term financial plan to support research excellence when the UK is no longer an EU member, and commit to upgrading UK heritage science infrastructure.

Statement on Open Science

NHSF Statement on Open Science

Meeting on 14 June, the Board of the National Heritage Science Forum has welcomed the commitment by Science Ministers of European governments to ensure that by 2020 all scientific research which enjoys public funding must be publicly accessible. The unanimous agreement, reached on 27 May, is a significant step for science and public engagement.

White Paper, "Success as a Knowledge Economy"

Response to Success as a Knowledge Economy

NHSF has drafted a statement in response to the publication of the White Paper, 'Success as a Knowledge Economy'. NHSF welcomes the white paper and its goals of multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches to research and innovation. It supports the development of a single UKRI structure to coordinate cross-disciplinary research.

House of Lords Science & Technology Committee inquiry, "Relationship between EU membership and UK science"

Written evidence submitted to the House of Lords, July 2016

NHSF has submitted written evidence to the House of Lords Science & Technology select committee inquiry into the 'Relationship between EU membership and UK science'. The submission draws attention to the just under €4 billion of EU funds allocated to heritage science research through the FP7 'Environment' programme alone, the potential lost opportunities in Horizon 2020 (the €80 billion programme in which at least 16 programme strands are identified as relevant to heritage science), and the importance of the mobility of people and international collaboration to the highly interdisciplinary field of heritage science research.

Consultation on Cultural Protection Fund

Response to consultation on Cultural Protection Fund

In February, NHSF responded to the DCMS consultation on the establishment of the Cultural Protection Fund. The Forum's response drew attention to the importance of science in underpinning documentation, conservation and restoration and suggested that the operation of the Fund should take this into account.

2015 Autumn Statement

Response to 2015 Autumn Statement

NHSF gives a cautious welcome to the Autumn Statement and Spending Review announcement of 25 November 2015. The protection of resource funding for science and commitment to taking forward the recommendations of the Nurse review of Research Councils are welcomed. The impact of cuts to BIS and DCMS will be monitored and NHSF will redouble its efforts to build collaboration to drive a new era of openness and sharing that is essential to secure the UK's leadership in heritage science.

Extracts from the 2015 Autumn Statement and Spending Review

Collated extracts from the Autumn Statement, and the DCMS and BIS settlements, that are relevant to the heritage science community.

Historic England's Draft Action Plan 2015-18

Response to Historic England's draft action plan

The NHSF response welcomes Historic England's commitment to ensuring that heritage science delivers more effective approaches to understanding and protection of the historic environment.

Heritage2020 Framework

Comments on the draft Framework

NHSF has commented on the draft Heritage2020 Framework, the successor to the National Heritage Protection Plan that is being developed by the Historic Environment Forum in collaboration with the wider sector.

"Our Plan for Growth: Science and Innovation"

Response to the Science and Innovation strategy

Statement in response to the Government's science and innovation strategy, published 17 December 2014.

BIS Consultations

Response to BIS proposals for long-term investment in science and research

NHSF and the Science and Heritage Programme have submitted a response to the BIS consultation on proposals for long-term capital investment in science and research.

Response to BIS Science and Innovation strategy

NHSF also submitted a response to the subsequent government consultation on its Science and Innovation strategy, due to be published later in 2014.

Future priorities for the National Heritage Protection Plan

Consultation response

Response to the English Heritage consultation on future priorities for the National Heritage Protection Plan. Submitted online 2 May 2014.

Historic Environment Scotland Bill

Submitted evidence on the Historic Environment Scotland Bill

Response to the Scottish Parliament Education and Culture Committee's call for written evidence on the Historic Environment Scotland Bill. 22 April 2014.

English Heritage New Model

Response to the consultation on the New Model

NHSF responded to the Government's consultation document on the New Model proposed for English Heritage and the management of the National Heritage collection. 7 February 2014.