Aligning heritage science to UK science curricula

NHSF Members Meeting on 22nd September, 12.00-14.00. Heritage scientists and educators are invited to discuss recent research into how heritage science aligns to UK curricula and explore use of the research to increase opportunities for increasing the engagement of school age children with heritage science.

NHSF’s next Member Meeting, on 22nd September, 12.00-14.00, is hosted by the Communities Working Group and focuses on recent research into how heritage science aligns to UK primary school science curricula.

This online meeting introduces the research report, presents its key findings and explains how the accompanying matrix can be used to make connections between heritage science activities and topics in the different UK science curricula for primary school-age children.

Three lightning presentations from colleagues at NHSF member organisations show how their education activities use heritage science and how that science content links to topics in the primary school curricula.

People who work or study at NHSF's member organisations (including members of Icon) can register for the free meeting on this Eventbrite page.


12.00 Welcome and introductions – Lisa Brown (Historic Environment Scotland) Communities working group lead

12.10 Aligning heritage science to the science curricula – Thomas Briggs, Lead Consultant

12.40 Introduction of discussion topics – Lisa Brown

12.45 Lightning presentations

Natalie Brown, The National Archives

Lisa Brown, Historic Environment Scotland

Paola Ricciardi, University of Cambridge Museums and Katie Fisher, Fawcett Primary School, Cambridge

13.15 Break

13.25 Discussion session – Chaired by Natalie Brown

How can you see yourself using the findings or the report and the matrix?

What questions haven’t been answered by the report/matrix that you would expect to have been addressed?

Can you anticipate any barriers to using the report/matrix?

How can we as a community capture and communicate examples of education activity featuring heritage science content?

How can heritage scientists/conservators and educators work together to increase the use of heritage science in museum and heritage education activities?

13.55 Wrap-up and close