EDI workshop

Our Member Meeting of 28th June 2023 was a facilitated workshop on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

This practical workshop, was facilitated by Sam Allen (see biography below). Its purpose was to help participants make action-based decisions around capabilities, priorities and accountability as well as embed good, ethical practice.



  • Welcome, session aims and outcomes.
  • Defining EDI in 2023 - what does good look like?
  • Exercise to define your priority EDI focus
  • Planning where EDI accountability sits across your organisation
  • Reflection and next steps



In advance of the workshop, participants were asked to think about the areas below:

  • What awareness do you have of needs, challenges and discrimination in 2023 for different groups of people (protected characteristics and those who are socio economically disadvantaged)?
  • What capabilities and resources are available to you in your organisation/department to help to meet those challenges?


Facilitator: Sam Allen

Sam Allen is an Arts and Heritage Consultant and Founder and Director of Creative Arts and Social Consulting Ltd.

She is a passionate advocate of anti-racism and social justice in the arts and heritage. Since 2012 she has worked to dismantle structural inequities to catalyse positive and sustainable change by developing audience engagement strategies, improving opportunities for marginalised people in the workforce and building inclusive business development plans to positively transform organisational cultures inside and out.

Sam has worked with a wide range of leading cultural, heritage and educational organisations in the UK and internationally. She is frequently invited to share her expertise as a keynote speaker, lecturer and thought leader on Anti-racism in practice, Identity, Belonging, Equity & Inclusion in the workplace, Black British history and Decolonisation in the arts and heritage sectors.

Sam is Chair of the board for Seeta Patel Dance, a new National Portfolio Organisation, a Trustee of UP Projects, a mentor for the Women of Colour Global Network, a member of the Museum's Associations Decolonisation Leaders Network and a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. Sam previously served on the board of Museum Detox CIC as a Director.