Announcing New Members: University of Reading & British Library

We are excited to welcome two new members to the NHSF.

NHSF have recently been joined by the University of Reading and the British Library. They have shared a few words about why they have chosen to become part of the Forum:

University of Reading:

"The University of Reading is excited to join the NHSF. The Department of Archaeology has long-established interests in stable isotopes, osteoarchaeology, soil science and micromorphology, and we have recently invested in new laboratories for archaeological materials through CapCo and UKRI funding (Microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometry).

Through our on-campus galleries, the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology and the Museum for English Rural Life, Reading is particularly interested in how heritage science can engage with the public.

The University has recently signed collaboration agreements with the British Museum and Natural History Museum, based around the movement of archives, equipment and staff to the Reading estate. Joining the NHSF is the next step for strengthening our contacts across heritage science, and raising the profile of our research."

British Library:

“The British Library is delighted to join the National Heritage Science Forum. By bringing our expertise and engagement with the library and archive sectors, we look forward to strengthening our relationships with the current members and to working together to shape the UK Heritage Science field.”