National Museums Scotland joins NHSF

This month we were pleased to welcome National Museums Scotland as a new member of the Forum. We have been keen to encourage more organisations of a range of type and size to join NHSF so that we can enhance the benefits of sharing knowledge & expertise, challenges & solutions across the membership, as well as ensuring that the Forum itself is more representative of the breadth of the heritage science community and therefore better able to speak on its behalf in the policy and advocacy work that it carries out. The views and input of colleagues from NMS will strengthen the Forum as members work together around the three themes of the Strategic Framework ‘excellent research’, ‘a skilled and diverse heritage science community’ and ‘demonstrable socio-economic impact’.

We asked Chante St Clair Inglis (Head of Collections Services) to contribute a few lines to introduce National Museums Scotland and why it is important to them to become part of the Forum, and she writes:

National Museums Scotland is delighted to join the Forum. Our teams hold expertise in heritage science and conservation research and are based in a suite of laboratories at our Collections Centre in Edinburgh.  In these incredibly unusual times, we are already benefitting from being part of this group of like-minded professionals. We are very much looking forward to working and partnering with you all to both improve our own practices and to be part of a group that is positively influencing our sector. Representing us on the Forum are Lore Troalen, Analytical Scientist and Chanté St Clair Inglis, Head of Collections Services.

Since launching the Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK at the end of 2018 we have put in place a new membership structure with greater opportunities for people at our member organisations to take part in the Forum’s activities (through our working groups) and hear about how members are working towards the goals of the Strategic Framework through our larger ‘Member Meetings’ that take place three times a year.
Membership is open to all organisations with an interest in heritage science and as a registered charity with improving collaboration, maximising the use of research and demonstrating the public benefit of heritage science at its heart, we hope to welcome more organisations to the Forum over the year. For further information on joining, or an informal conversation please email me, Caroline Peach at

Find out about the work of National Museum Scotland’s research department here.