NHSF Activity in April

What has the NHSF been up to this month?

This month we've held a Member Council meeting in which members welcomed Prof Chris Gaffney (NHSF's new Chair), heard an update from him on AHRC's work to set-up RICHeS, and fed into NHSF's emerging priorities for 2024-25. Members also heard about recent work to develop the 2024-2027 Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK. A common theme is the importance of showing a wider audience what heritage science is and the benefits it can bring.

Our Research and Impact groups met jointly to review contributions to the questions raised by the January Climate Emergency & Heritage Science event. Members are now discussing the next step which is likely to be a workshop aimed at using the feedback and connecting to policy-makers.

Linked to this, members have contributed to the Historic Environment Forum (HEF) Green Skills in Heritage Task Group and we've talked to AHRC about emerging European research opportunities relating to cultural heritage and climate change.