NHSF Strategic Priorities 2021-21

A Trustee Meeting was held on 6th July and focused on the end-of-year reporting and the strategic priorities for the year ahead.

It was decided that the NHSF's priorities for 2020-21 are:

  • To involve more organisations in the delivery of the Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK, and in doing so raise NHSF's profile, develop its strategic partnerships and grow its membership.
  • Work in partnership with AHRC, E-RIHS.uk (UKRIHS), and IROC to secure investment in UK heritage science infrastructure.
  • Develop a toolkit to support the community in demonstrating the value of heritage science.
  • Articulate the social relevance of heritage science and encourage the heritage science community to show how its research helps to address the issues that matter to people.
  • Establish a framework for emerging professionals’ networking and skills development to strengthen the identity of heritage science and address anticipated skills shortages now that the UK has left the European Union.
  • Effect a transition to a new governance and operating structure so that the Forum continues to serve its members and the heritage science community well and develops as a resilient organisation.

If your organisation is interested in joining the Forum and being part of the community that is addressing these priorities, please contact Caroline Peach, administrator@heritagescienceforum.org.uk to find out more about benefits of membership.