Report out: Aligning heritage science to UK primary science curricula

New research into how heritage science links to the science curricula of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland has been published.

The National Archives and NHSF commissioned research into how UK national primary curricula can be supported by the interdisciplinary field of heritage science, and how heritage science can help to break down silos between the teaching of arts and sciences, the results of which are available in the report 'Aligning Heritage Science to the Science Curricula'.

The report draws conclusions as to how heritage science can be used to support the curriculum, which stages and age groups could be targeted through the identification and dissemination of existing learning resources or creation of new ones, and how heritage can be used to engage children with science.

Read more about the research, and access the report and accompanying matrix of connections between heritage science and the science curricula here.

Find out more about NHSF's other work to support increased engagement of school-age children with heritage science here.