A skilled and diverse heritage science community

The interdisciplinary nature of heritage science is both an opportunity and challenge for building a community that can apply science and technology to improve the understanding and engagement with heritage, and its long-term management. The challenge to be addressed by the new strategic framework is to provide a broad range of opportunities to develop the heritage science skills needed for the future: skills which are accessible and attractive to a diverse population, and which will benefit the sector.

The theme of a skilled and diverse heritage science community has five associated strategic outcomes

  • Increased engagement with heritage science at school age
  • Technical skills and knowledge to address present needs and future requirements of heritage
  • A range of accessible apprenticeships and postgraduate opportunities
  • Recognition of heritage science as an attractive career
  • Citizen heritage scientists

Work with us to contribute your knowledge of initiatives that deliver against these outcomes or preconditions by adding information to our Heritage Science Padlet - A Skilled and Diverse Community