Training opportunities in heritage science

Routes into heritage science vary but currently many people first encounter the field through study at postgraduate level, coming to it from another scientific or humanities discipline.

As part of work to address the goals of the strategic framework for heritage science in the UK, NHSF is enouraging the development of different pathways into the field and a 'heritage science' identity that is inclusive and supportive of people who enter it from a wide range of backgrounds. We are in the early stages of this work. This page includes information on the training and skills development opportunities that are provided by some of our member organisations, as well as some of the international opportunities. We plan to update the information as we work to address the findings of the research we commissioned in 2017 into heritage science career opportunities.

If you are interested in training as a heritage scientist, see our list of organisations that provide either placements or funding for work-based placements, or both:

In the United Kingdom:

Institute of Conservation (Icon)


University College London (UCL)

The Institute for Sustainable Heritage at UCL offers three Master's level programmes for heritage scientists:

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training Science and Engineering in Arts and Archaeology (SEAHA), which brings together experts from UCL, Oxford University and Brighton University, offers scholarships for heritage scientists.

Historic Environment Scotland

HES offers a range of skills development opportunities from entry-level to Continuing Professional Development. You can find out more about current opportunities on the Engine Shed's website.


Outside the United Kingdom:

Canadian Conservation Institute

The Getty Foundation

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute


You may also be interested in these profiles that describe other people's experience of entering the field of heritage science or our blog series 'Five minutes with...' which gives an insight into a range of different heritage science jobs.