Heritage Science data

NHSF has been investigating how member organisations curate and re-use heritage science data. The Forum would welcome further contributions on how people are managing their heritage science data and examples of its re-use, or what they see as its re-use potential.

We are looking at the following questions:

Q1: What type of data do you consider to be heritage science data?

Q2: How are you currently storing your heritage science data and if you use external providers/systems, what do you use?

Q3: What guidelines or standards do you follow for the preservation and management of your heritage science data?

Q4: What does your organisation see as the re-use potential of heritage science data?

Q5: Do you have any existing examples of how heritage science data has been re-used? (please note briefly)

Q6: What would help your organisation to preserve, manage and re-use heritage science data?

Q7: How important is the preservation, management and re-use of heritage science data to your organisation?

Q8: Is there anyone in your organisation who has responsibility for the curation of heritage science data?

Q9: What role do you think NHSF could play in facilitating access to, and preservation of, heritage science data to make it reusable?

Q10: Is your organisation likely to support the principle of Open Access to heritage science data?

Please send any answers to Caroline Peach at administrator@heritagescienceforum.org.uk

See NHSF questions on heritage science data management and re-use in a separate document [pdf].