SEAHA Conference 2018 - catch up online

The SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training (SEAHA CDT) held its fourth annual International Conference on Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology on 4-6 June 2018, at the UCL Institute of Sustainable Heritage in London.

SEAHA has published a recap of the event and its highlights, from the opening "overview of how satellites could be used for management of heritage structures (Nicola Masini)" to later "papers on such topics as how geckos could inspire adhesives for conservation (Jacek Olender)" and more.

The SEAHA committee has made two videos of the event available online: 

  • Professor May Cassar's conference talk on 'Heritage science economics: a social framework'

  • The panel discussion at the ICOM-CC roundtable for emerging professionals, held in conjunction with the conference:

NHSF was pleased to contribute to the roundtable for emering professionals. We aim to support capacity building in heritage science by promoting the sharing of knowledge, data and skills. The forum has recently completed research into careers in heritage science in the UK - find out more here.

Read the SEAHA Conference summary.