Strategic priorities 2023-24

About us

The National Heritage Science Forum (NHSF) facilitates collaboration and knowledge-exchange to enhance the contribution that heritage science makes to society.

Mission: The National Heritage Science Forum works to improve collaboration in heritage science by connecting communities of practice.

  • We shape the future through strategic partnerships to build and share knowledge, data and skills across organisational boundaries.
  • We connect people: researchers, conservators, curators, scientists from many disciplinary backgrounds, educators at all levels, and commercial operators.
  • We co-create the strategy for Heritage Science in the UK and coordinate its delivery.

Our member organisations are the driving force behind everything we do. They shape the Forum’s strategy, lead its work streams and deliver its programmes. NHSF membership is an investment in impact, enabling member organisations to develop collaborative projects across traditional boundaries, crossing research, practice and innovation.

Our strategic priorities for 2023-24

A. A successor to the Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK, 2018-2023 is developed.

B. UKRI and AHRC are provided with sector data and insight to support investment in, and successful launch of, RICHeS (Research Infrastructure for Conservation and Heritage Science).

C. The broad relevance and importance of heritage science is well articulated, demonstrating how heritage science helps to address the issues that matter to people.

D. A vibrant and sustainable NHSF is able to champion heritage science and support its members.


These outcomes are delivered under the guidance of the Board of Trustees and the Member Council, and through the activities of the NHSF working groups.


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