Working Groups

NHSF has three working groups that are aligned to the three strands of the Strategic Framework for Heritage Science in the UK.

The groups meet regularly throughout the year and each group leads one of NHSF's three Member Meetings each year which bring together people from across the membership.

Communities working group

Strategic strand: A skilled and diverse heritage science community

Lora Angelova - The National Archives

Nigel Blades - The National Trust

Lisa Brown (co-convenor) - Historic Environment Scotland

Natalie Brown (co-convenor) - The National Archives

Ayesha Fuentes - University of Cambridge Museums

Giles Gaspar - Durham University

Tea Ghigo - University of Oxford

Isoble Griffin - National Galleries Scotland

David Howell - West Dean College

Constantina Vlachou - Historic Royal Palaces

Patrick Whife - Icon


Research working group

Strategic strand: Excellent research

Lora Angelova - The National Archives

Nigel Blades - The National Trust

May Cassar - UCL

David Dorning - West Dean College

Giles Gaspar - Durham University

Josep Grau-Bove (co-convenor) - UCL

Jen Heathcote - Historic England

Carl Heron - British Museum

Kath Knowles - Wellcome Collection

Bronwyn Ormsby - Tate

Matija Strlic - UCL

David Thickett - English Heritage

Lore Troalen - National Museums Scotland

Aurelie Turmel (co-convenor) - Historic Environment Scotland

Heather Viles - University of Oxford

Constantina Vlachou (co-convenor) - Historic Royal Palaces


Impact working group

Strategic strand: Demonstrable social and economic impact

May Cassar - UCL

Giles Gaspar - Durham University

Jen Heathcote - Historic England

David Howell - West Dean College

Bronwyn Ormsby (co-convenor) - Tate

Jack Ridge (co-convenor) - National Galleries Scotland

Chante St Clair Inglis - National Museums Scotland

Joanne Vine - University of Cambridge Museums

Lyn Wilson - Historic Environment Scotlan