Call for Guest Bloggers for NHSF British Science Week Series – Citizen Heritage Science

To celebrate British Science Week (8-17 March 2019), the National Heritage Science Forum will be publishing a series of blog posts showcasing the excellent work of heritage scientists in using science and technology to understand, manage and engage with heritage.This year we want to focus on research or projects related to Citizen Heritage Science.

Have you used heritage science as a means of public engagement, or run a project or piece of research that uses citizen-contributed science, or is community-led? If so, we’d love to feature it in the series of blogs that will be published between 8-17 March on the NHSF blog:

Please send contributions to Caroline Peach, by 6 March 2019.

Guidelines for contributions:

  1. Include a title for the blog post
  2. Give a description of the project or activity (200-500 words) targeted at a non-specialist audience
  3. Include information on what the project or activity set out to achieve and who the intended beneficiaries of the project or activity were, or who the project involved
  4. Include information on how people can find out more (e.g. a web link)

Please remember to attach pictures and note in the text you supply where the picture should go, together with a caption and any information on copyright or credits that should accompany the image. Please make sure that images submitted to accompany text are copyright free or that you have been given prior permission by the copyright holder to use them.

Please let us know how you would like to be credited as author and indicate whether you would like your email address or social media address to be included in the blog post.

Further information on contributing to the NHSF blog:

Find out more about British Science Week 2019 at:

Please note: The text for your blog post must be received by 6 March at the latest.