Mentoring programme - call for expressions of interest from mentors

The NHSF mentoring programme has been set up to enable the Forum to offer support to emerging professionals in heritage science and conservation research.

We would like to offer students and early-career researchers (ECRs) an opportunity to develop their career pathway, research direction, or understanding of the funding landscape for research through conversations with established professionals in the field.

This programme is a pilot. The mentors offer their time voluntarily and we ask them to work with a mentee for three one-hour sessions generally over a 3 - 6 months’ period.  This will give the mentee an opportunity to gain insight and advice on certain work and related issues, but also a taste of the benefits and possibilities of mentoring, and how it might be of use to them in future.

We are calling for Expressions of Interest in taking part as a Mentor in May 2022 and will call for applications from potential Mentees for two weeks in June 2022 (1st-15th June).

Call for Mentors - Expressions of Interest now open - closes 31st May 2022

This form provides further information about the pilot scheme, including its aims, process and the time commitment required. Please complete this form if you are willing to provide support as a mentor. Once we receive completed applications from Mentees, we will match you with a mentee and provide them with your contact details. A resource pack with guidance for mentors and mentees will be available to people taking part in the programme.

Mentor: Expression of Interest form (word document)

Please send completed forms to:


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