Grants for open access publication of research

The Forum is not currently receiving applications for the gold open access grant. Between 2016 and 2019, the Forum provided grants to help to open up access to heritage science research.

The NHSF grant supported the full cost of Gold Open Access publication of heritage science research. This meant that the research was made accessible online, free of charge and to everyone, immediately on publication. 

Gold Open Access publications are available to access and download at all times without the need for a reader subscription. As a result, many journals charge author fees to cover the cost of open access publishing- NHSF has covered these fees in the past. 

Applications were encouraged for papers that had an impact on the field of heritage science and aligned with the UK Strategic Framework for Heritage Science - please scroll down for examples of publications awarded an NHSF Gold Open Access grant.

Press release to mark announcement of Gold Open Access Fund