Equipment sharing: NHSF Kit-Catalogue

The NHSF Kit-Catalogue facilitates collaboration and best use of existing resources by enabling member organisations to list their equipment and facilities.


NHSF members can add items to the catalogue and indicate which items are available for sharing or external use, and under what circumstances.

Access the NHSF Kit-Catalogue here:

Checklist for sharing/borrowing equipment

NHSF has produced a checklist for the preparation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The checklist highlights the areas that organisations may wish to include when drawing up an agreement to share/borrow equipment. It includes example clauses to help organisations put together their own agreements.

Updating the Kit-Catalogue

The Forum has recently been working to update the Kit-Catalogue, making it a better and more user-friendly resources. We have been getting in touch with NHSF members about content, inviting them to update their kit entries.

We are currently developing FAQs for both kit owners and users. To help us understand how you would like to use the Catalogue, and what is stopping you if you don't already use it, please get in touch at by the 12 October 2018 and let us know what you would like us to address as part of the FAQs. The FAQs draft is available here.

Case studies

Case studies of how people have used kit listed in the catalogue provide examples of how the resource has been of benefit to the heritage science community or individual researcher.