Open Access

The NHSF is committed to supporting Open Access to heritage science research to maximise its impact and increase engagement with it. We worked to raise the profile of heritage science through Wikimedia and between 2016 and 2019, provided Gold Open Access publication grants.

Through Open Access, the Forum seeks to encourage the maximum distribution of research outputs, helping practitioners to make better use of research and increasing partnership opportunities.

Specifically, the benefits of Open Access to heritage science research include:

  • Increasing the visibility of heritage science research
  • Increasing the potential to bring together researchers and the users of research
  • Building networks between scientists from different disciplines
  • Maximising the impact of investment in heritage science research
  • Ensuring the results of research can be used more fully for the benefit of society and the economy
  • Building a richer research culture for heritage science

View the NHSF's position statement on Open Access to heritage science research outputs